T-DEF 1.3 update and Command HQ news

Troopers, listen up!

Okay, two pieces of news. First of all, there's a new zip-file (T-DEF 1.3) containing updated versions of the T-DEF Tactical booklet.

The changes are these:

  • clarifying that the Defense-action does not trigger a suppression check
  • changing the trooper actions so that every trooper can always take one move-action and one other action each turn, in any order they wish
  • introducing the rule that enemies can pursue troopers in other locations

The other piece of news is that the T-DEF Command HQ mini-zine is done! It's an additional booklet that contains the rules for making your T-DEF game into a campaign. A mounting difficulty curve, researchable technology and more!


T-DEF_1.3.zip 8 MB
Mar 08, 2021


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