1.2 Update!

Made some updates to the Tactical Handbook and the Operations Manual for clarity and better gameplay.


- Clarified that new rookies get one wound box
- Clarified that troopers die when all their wound boxes are filled
- Changed wording for the DUSTOFF-move, it used to say "don't mark XP", it now says "you don't advance"

- added a rule about Alien pods, they now consist of 1d3 aliens, but max the numbers of troopers on the mission (this is especially useful if you are playing T-DEF solo)

Thanks to Olorin for pointing some of these out!

Happy hunting, troopers!


T-DEF_1.2.zip 8 MB
Dec 13, 2020


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Just bought and played it solitaire; fun, but I imagine it will be even better with more players! Simple and creative, perfect for quick pick-up games over Discord. I'll update once I run for more people.  Love the zine, and the Advent calendar too! (Plus, y'know, Advent for all those XCOM fans out there. I see whatcha did there ;D)

UPDATE: Just ran a two-player game with a friend! It was a lot more dramatic this time around; vengeance was sworn, and fulfilled! It's also the first time we actually cleared an encounter, which was awesome! We only had one survivor, but honestly, that totally scans. We lost three troopers to the final brute, but we managed to whittle him down and survive. Having only one HP really makes the stakes feel high, and the tension when you're rolling for encounters is genuinely exciting. Next goal is gonna be three players so we can hit the max number of X-rays!

Thanks! I really appreciate it, and I’m glad you’re having fun with the game!

One note: my players had an idea that I thought I'd submit to you. They thought it would be cool to have one of the spare rookies take the plasma for the currently active soldier in a heroic sacrifice play. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, if you have any feedback!