Robber's Kin new version – Belonging Outside Belonging

For Folklore Jam 2020, I decided to revisit my entry for last years' jam: Robber's Kin.

Ronja, The Robber's Daughter is still a favourite novel of mine, and I enjoyed exploring how the family relationships and the relationship to nature could be explored, but something about the game never quite sat right with me. Somehow, the rules kept imposing themselves in all the wrong ways. I had thought about going back and changing up some things but never worked up the energy to do so, but now with the game jam, there was a perfect opportunity to do so.

The decision to use Avery Alder's and Benjamin Rosenbaum's Belonging Outside Belonging was, in retrospect, obvious for this story about a community of robbers living out in nature, in the fringes of civilisation. The system allowed me to focus on what the different characters do and how they interact in an even more direct way than in a PbtA game, and brought the relationships to the forefront without using a clunky mechanical system for it, as in the previous version.

Anyway, hope you check out this game and please let me know what you think!


Robbers_Kin_BoB.pdf 2 MB
Sep 29, 2020

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