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It’s the year of our Lord 1625, Louis XIII is king, and the scene is the Rue de Vaugirard in Paris, where the famous fencing school L’Ecole d’escrime de combat is located.

Morning has broken, and with it, news of a terrible tragedy. Madame Laroche, the founder and head teacher at the school has been found murdered in her bed, stabbed through the heart.

The dagger with a jewel-inlaid hilt is still embedded in Mme Laroche’s chest, and a single red rose lies on the bed, both well known symbols of you rival school, Marquis Armand Audubon’s Ecole de la Fleur du Combat.

En garde is a single move Powered by the Apocalypse table-top role playing game to be played with two or more players, and using a deck of cards to resolve conflicts. Can you find an opening in your opponent's defence? Will you move quickly enough to be able to exploit it? Will you press your attack or withdraw when they hold the advantage?

This game was written for Your Move Jam, a game jam for Powered by the Apocalypse games using only one move.

If you are struggling financially, and especially if you are a marginalised creator or gamer, I'd be happy to give you access to my game for free no questions asked. Just shoot me an e-mail at lari@rocketsurgeongames.com and I'll send you a link. 


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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